Project Overviews

Since 2007, ATEC PMC has provided innovative and flexible multi-disciplinary design, consulting and project management services, completing due diligence studies for acquisitions, feasibility studies for board approval and implementation, project setup for major projects, design and consulting for work in Africa, and the full engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) role in the development and implementation of various projects across Africa.

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Below are overviews of some of our projects:

Brownfields flotation plant upgrade in Mozambique

The engineering design for a modified process and associated budget cost estimate had to be generated by ATEC PMC for implementation of a brownfields upgrade to an existing flotation plant in Mozambique. The construction drawings, specifications, bills of materials and enquiries were prepared and issued to obtain firm tenders for the work. Vendor information from European, North American, African and Chinese suppliers was incorporated in construction deliverables and Tender Evaluation, Adjudication and Recommendation (TEAR) reports to assist the client with rapid order/contract placement, procurement and implementation setup for successful project execution.

From Mining Licence Application to Pre-feasibility Study

ATEC PMC assisted a private investor with concept development of a new iron ore mine, plant and logistics channel in Namibia. Initial involvement included preparation of a scoping document from existing information and compilation of a Mining Licence Application (MLA) with other discipline specific geology and mining consultants, before submitting for approval. In parallel, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) was developed with a local environmental consultant. During the finalisation of the MLA and EIA/EMP, the options to be evaluated were agreed and a Pre-feasibility Study commenced for the establishment of the greenfields mine and plant with associated infrastructure and logistics.

DSO and Washing plant study in West Africa

ATEC PMC was requested to assist with the development of a study for a major new bauxite mine and plant in West Africa. The project includes a new mine and port for exporting Bauxite at 10Mtpa, with future expansion to 20Mtpa and 30Mtpa at different stages. The port facility includes Ore Receiving, Crushing and Screening, Stockpiling and Ship Loading. After the initial period of Direct Shipping Ore production, it is planned to introduce Washing Ore that will require washing and drying before export. Depending on the upgradeability of the ore, a beneficiation circuit will also be added at a later stage.

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) used in optimising Materials Handling design

ATEC PMC used DEM software for analysis of material transfer chute designs to optimise material flow, confirm forces for support design and reduce liner wear during operation.

Construction sequencing with 3D modelling and scheduling

An engineering consultant requested ATEC PMC to convert 2D drawings into a 3D model to assist with planning for a short duration shutdown and upgrade. The 3D model provided valuable clash detection information, not possible in 2D, and allowed visual sequencing of construction to assist with detailed planning and preparation for the limited duration shutdown.

Modelling and optimizing material flow with DEM

ATEC PMC utilized Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) methodology to model and optimize material flow through discharge chutes for an underground shaft skip loading installation. The method allows investigation of the impact areas and flow patterns to, for instance, improve wear rates or prevent material breakage.

Photogrammetry improves measuring of as-built information

A client in Africa requested modelling of their existing installation before design of modifications. ATEC PMC used photography in a structured way during a short visit to site and captured overall dimensions for the existing installation, before extracting detailled information through photogrammetry software to construct a representative 3D Model of the plant. The methodology allows further interrogation of the photographs at a later stage if additional information is required for a specific item.

Pre-feasibility for greenfields mine and plant in Northern Mozambique

A local process consultant worked with ATEC PMC for a German client to rapidly develop a graphite processing plant flowsheet. The overall plant layout, infrastructure requirements and logistics for execution of the project was then assessed and compiled into a pre-feasibility document in an extremely short period, to assist the client with decisionmaking about implementation. Advanced 3D modeling techniques and use of an extensive project costing database resulted in high efficiency and accuracy within the limited time.

Feasibility for manganese ore processing plant in South Africa

ATEC PMC worked for an Australian client, with a group of other consultants responsible for mining and infrastructure, to develop a definitive feasibility study for a manganese processing plant with limited previous information. Following the submission of the initial documentation, a brief value engineering phase was completed to enhance the value of the project prior to seeking board approval. A suite of 3D CAD tools was used to ensure battery limits and interfaces were properly considered, especially for vendor supplied equipment that was integrated into structures, and that accurate Bills of Quantities were compiled for all bulk materials to complement the equipment lists and schedules.

Gold Plant upgrade in West Africa

An Australian client needed innovative design and site support services for an old gold processing plant upgrade in West Africa. ATEC PMC established requirements on site with the client and worked with consultants in Australia and South Africa to develop a brownfields solution to meet the project budget and specification.

Diamond plant refurbishment and upgrade in Central Africa

A new client needed an old diamond processing plant to be refurbished to continue operation whilst a new technology plant was being designed and built. ATEC PMC is working closely with the client to determine requirements, integrate the technology into the process and provide engineering and project management services to suit conditions and logistics for Central Africa. Strand was used for dynamic FEA analysis of the DMS structure.

Rapid re-establishment of Underground Access

A key client required re-establishment of underground access after a disastrous rockfall. ATEC PMC provided rapid design and implementation assistance with box-cut development and tie-in of new materials handling systems and services, including an overland conveyor for ore transfer and man-riding chairlift.

Successful Solution to a Complex Requirement

A mining client needed access to a prospective resource located in a deep valley that posed tremendous topographical and environmental challenges. ATEC PMC delivered a complete mining access, materials transfer and beneficiation solution. This included box-cuts into a steep mountainside with adjacent infrastructure platforms, materials transfer across a river and overland conveying of ore out of the valley to the plateau for treatment in DMS and concentrator plants.

Innovation in Smelter Raw Materials Feed and Hot Metal Handling

ATEC PMC's commitment to innovation was displayed when responding to a client's need for development of material handling systems around a new technology smelter. We provided novel raw materials receipt, blending, furnace feed, hot metal handling and product load-out solutions. FEA was employed to model the overall heat transfer for combined pre-heating and cooling of moulds and to improve the layout. Another component of the project required investigating various high-lift and enclosed conveying technologies to select the appropriate solution for addressing environmental concerns and footprint constraints.

Strategy-led Project Management

ATEC PMC built the business case for a strategic project and guided it through the rigorous corporate review processes up to board approval before implementation. This required ensuring that the project setup, control budget, baseline schedule, risk register, implementation planning and project procedures were in place and properly developed for the selected implementation strategy.