Our Skills and Tools

ATEC PMC has an extensive range of specialist skills and software to assist clients with their various project challenges, including tools for evaluation, analysis, simulation, presentation, solution optimisation and coordination. We develop ideas from concept to final detail using advanced analysis software and 3D modelling tools, then manage information and progress reporting using commercial or custom software.

Where appropriate, we use widely accepted industry practices and processes as a foundation, but always differentiate our service by the level of detail and our fresh way of approaching challenges. The result is accurate, quality work and innovative engineered solutions that are fit for purpose.

Our combined knowledge and experience guides us to focus on what is relevant and required.

Added value

We quickly build an understanding of the essence of client specifications and standards. This ensures that project specific design criteria are based on client learnings applied to the particular challenge, backed up by current industry knowledge.

Our engineers assist with troubleshooting, simulation analysis, de-bottlenecking and system optimisation, providing operational support to clients at existing installations.

We obtain client approval on firm scope of work documentation that specifies battery limits and tie-in points, continuing to guide engineering development through client design reviews. This allows us to measure progress accurately and manage scope changes effectively.

In each area of competency, from developing design criteria, specifications, 3D models, plant layouts and drawings, to schedules, bills, technical enquiries or compiling estimates, we continually review our work and challenge how we measure ourselves to ensure quality.

Skills and Software

Advanced engineering skills and tools we have employed include:

  • 3D Prototyping
  • DEM (Discrete Element Modeling)
  • FEM (Finite Element Modeling)
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Advanced conveyor analysis software
  • Static/dynamic fluid system analysis software
  • Slurry pumping analysis
  • Pipe network analysis software
  • Pipe support analysis and design software

Integration and Review Tools

Integration and review software and tools we utilise include:

  • Cloud based DMS (Document Management System)
  • Photogrammetry software
  • Integrated Multi-platform CAD Review software
  • 3D Rendering and Animation software
  • Earned Value Estimation custom software
  • Cost Control custom software
  • Progress Reporting Dashboard custom software
  • and more ...